Wednesday, November 16, 2011

747. All can be educative

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “A couple of days ago I was going out my classrroom. While I was talking to a soccer coach of our school at the large hall I saw a small group of young kids running around and playing over there. Natural. Also there were some leaves on the floor, because we’re in fall, and the soft wind pushes leaves into the building.

I asked, anyway, those kids if they had anything to do with the leaves on the floor – at that moment I hadn’t realized we’re in fall. One said, ‘It wasn’t me’ [in Spanish] and then flew away to the gym to practice soccer.

One of the kids was left behind, in the bathrooms. After that he also sped out to the gym. I noticed the light of the bathrooms was on. So, I thought I should tell this latter student to leave the place after having turned off the light.

I then went down to the gym, asked another soccer coach if I could pick up the child for a short while. When we two reached the bathrooms, I asked the kid to turn off the light and told him the reason why. He said he didn’t know where the key was. Okay. I had him find it and turn the light off.

You can think this is a small thing, and it is indeed, but at that moment I thought this was a practical way of teaching the kid to save electricity and to learn to take care of his school and think of his classmates. I thought this was educative.

Sometimes I say to some students to put their desks in neat rows after the class. Then sometimes I catch me thinking they’re learning to behave better.” / Photo from: irishhospicelibrary wordpress com. school children
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