756. Amid sere everyday beauty

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “With regard to what we were talking last week in the cafeteria, I would tell you something. Let me think.

You know, your daily work, which one you love, is part of the work God entrusted us to carry out - in ample lenses. All right. Each person is inherently someone that communicates and lives together with other people, right? As well you told me that in this way you serve and help out others.

So your work is trascendent, not only something for yourself, somewhere in your innerhood. Also it’d be trascendent because it connects you with the Other, God. You said we also live and work together with God, so He is right there, among the persons you live with.

My conclusion? We would work not only for this world here but for this world here plus taking into account our father God is here, not only, so to speak, ‘in the stars’. Every day I think we, many of us, people from Western world need solid and firm values to build our lives; upon that firm basement. Today I needed this discourse of ideas.” / Photo from: wirednewyork com. brooklyn bridge manhattan 4july03


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