Tuesday, November 8, 2011

741. Writing about really interesting topics

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “Writing texts is one sheerly great way to begin to express students’ ideas in English.

As well it’s a way to develop their thinking capability, because the students have to invest an effort, an attractive one, to sort out the ideas they wish to communicate with you and his or her classmates. One example: they’ve read a text about sex discrimination.

From the beginning, I would tell you, the students should make up sentences by using the words and grammar they’re learning lately; this could be a starting point to actually think in English, and so not translating from Spanish.

With some experience you will learn how to rope your students in an interesting topic they like, perhaps because you’ve commented about it, and they tried to give their own ideas, trying hard to utter them in English, while you might be helping them with the vocabulary they don’t know.

Don’t focus on correcting the grammar mistakes at this stage: let them talk about what they think.

You can provide them with prompts to speak out by asking them really interesting questions about the topic. Also you can say sentences about the text and then ask them whether they’re true or false.

I’m not going to say more things now about writing and discussing about a given topic. A lot of teachers have done it and you’ll find their vision of those processes of speaking and writing in the Internet and books. I’ve already told you further things in this blog.” / Photo from: blog nj com. girl writing

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