Saturday, December 10, 2011

762. Viewing with a fresh perspective

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “Our students can gain a new and fresh view of their homework, just at the tutorial between you and each student. This is crucial for their learning English.

Students settle what they worked on at the classroom that very day. They, maybe now, understand the texts and the instructions of the exercises. And they’re able to make up a composition. The habit of dedicating time to deepen, think and review the texts, grammar patterns, graphs, and so on and so forth is simply crucial. Classes and homework are conplementary. - I don't mean students cannot achieve all this in the classes. I'm talking here about the importance of homework, which is complementary, like I said.

Students do need some quiet period to ‘process’ all the information from the classes, also for their personal growth and for making up a solid tank of knowledge to face up life. I ain’t magnifying, I think. I intently repeat, classes and homework as complementary things.

All this about intellectual capabilities is also so because students learn to utilize realistic learning strategies to solve problems; just think of reading a text for the gist or scanning to find a specific piece of information.

And I’m not referring only to their personal growth, but alike to obtain the capability to communicate with other people in English, which is what they’re going to do in a few years. Remember that our students are people that’ll be part of society.” / Photo from: minnesota-visitor com. family on vacation

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