Sunday, December 18, 2011

767. Teachers can do big things every day

One Sunday teachers of English B and A, two girls met up with each other in a bar, with their families, “You know, I believe any teacher can do great and important things in her classroom: I mean, if she carries out things well, and puts affection, love, and commitment in her work, she’s doing grand things, and not a mere dry fulfillment of duties.

You know, if that person, as she tries to be a thorough professional, deals with the ups and downs of everyday work, she is changing that regular routine into something more human and humane – also because she gets really concerned with her students and colleague teachers, not only physical things.

Last Friday the new teacher of our school looked afflicted, sitting in front of the window, in her classroom, lonely, sobbing and trying to hide herself from the possible passing by people.

One girl, a veteran teacher noticed something wrong was going on; got into the room and asked her what was going on. The veteran teacher listened to her story.

Basically her students had realized she was rookie and had made a disgusting ‘welcome’. The veteran teacher offered some possibly helpful ideas, which came up to mind then. After a while they two had a small laugh.

The veteran girl also asked her where she was from – she’s a native teacher from Galway, in Ireland.

Summing up I would draw some conclusion: a person’s positive attitude and care of little things, on the one hand shows she’s great, and on the other hand she knows how to turn daily things into something human and valuable. I guess that this attitude makes teaching English increase in the efficiency of classes.” / Photo from: ideasinspiringinnovation wordpress com. Dublin Phoenix Park. It is or was the largest urban park in
Europe. Its area seemed awesome to me.

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