Sunday, December 11, 2011

763. She needs the instructor to learn

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “It’s marvelous when a person decides to take on learning English, on his or her own. Great. However I think that this learner will need a teacher, a coach, a person who can talk with. Language is something between two people. Many people ask me what to do to learn English once and for ever.

I tell them that whatever they would do is helpful. I mean, I try to facilitate the way: as they show the wish to learn I encourage them to start as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, ultimately they’ll need a person that could demand from them, encourage them, lead the way to them, make them go on and on with the schedule they had thought.

When I say whatever they do is helpful, I mean that anything regarding working with English seems okay – at least, at the beginning steps: a web-site, grammar from a book in the bookstore, reading a reader with a dictionary, talking with me in English, and so on and so forth. Whatever they do adds up something to their learning.

Naturally I also advise them to enroll in such or such course or center, because there will be a person who will exact and encourage and talk with. Registering in a course or program as well creates the necessity to use English.” / Photo from: makingthishome com. small plane flying
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