Tuesday, December 13, 2011

764. When kids are responsible of their learning

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “Each class is unique, and has some surprises, which you can take advantage of for your teaching and your students’ learning English.

Look. Yesterday I got into my classroom with my planning notes. Basically we would dedicate a short period for them to do their school homework, and a second part, longer, to play games to practice speaking.

What really happened made me smile: I felt the students were more protagonists and enthusiastic motors of their learning, and homework. It took longer than I had planned, I mean, what they were more interested in was their homework, more than my games. This hasn’t regularly occurred. Great.

One kid assisted me as a monitor to a younger one, who was reading a simple story in his textbook. Time flew. At the very end of the class, the younger student wished to go on reading one more story. The third of my students in that group was missing yesterday.

Alike at those fantastic times I discovered other small ways to teach. I believe my students were more capable to understand and speak in English. I felt that the process of learning English was something kind of natural, or more human.” / Photo from: danzfamily com. mowing the lawn.

Now is a comment I received 12/12/2011:

"Being a teacher is a very rewarding job. I salute them. They are very dedicated on their job." By cielle, a comment on post # 714. An essential part of her job. Thank you very much, cielle, you're welcome

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