Saturday, January 11, 2014

1582. Teaching with eagerness

Excitement, eagerness, hopeful anticipation are the translations give for Spanish ilusión

A learner of a foreign or second language must have those features I wrote above. They have to do with optimism. A firm basement of this latter idea is God plus the learner’s effort. 

Otherwise, without those features I would say we would have never reached the moon. 

Or discovered penicillin. 

Or invented aspirin. 

As well the teacher of a modern language ought to go with that eagerness to the classroom. 

All in all also necessity is a booster for either learning or teaching. 

I do know colleague teachers that attend their classes with eagerness, as well class number 123, not only the first 2 classes, and with their specific students. Anyway, carry on with your career as well as possible, I’d dare say. / Photo from: college students crystalwashington com
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