Thursday, January 16, 2014

1587. Just common teachers you can encounter

I would tell you that happiness is a consequence of seeking not yourself (only) but the people around you and their happiness: your family, your friends, your colleagues… 

Moreover, if you’re a Christian (or otherwise), remember that we’ve been called to become saints (!). Me a saint? Well the sanctifier is God, and we try to correspond to his help, his grace. 

A full happiness we will have it in Heaven or Paradise, if we correspond, as I said, and thanks to His limitless mercy. 

In a school I worked in, the students might go to the sacrament of penance at certain times in the week or every two weeks. So as to finish: we can be happy when we assert to live as children of God and of his mother (and ours), the Most Holy Virgin Mary. / Photo from: TEACHER.jpg. www slate com
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