Monday, January 20, 2014

1597. Another kind of Super Bowl

I forgot to say something so essential about the student – also I could say the same about his family and his teachers. 

He is on a pathway, he has his biography, he does deeds. 

However he is not only on the world for some years or many and that’s it. After that pathway that person will pass away, he will die – but that is not the end. 

There is a life after the one in the world. 

He will be awarded for his actions and receive a gift (Heaven) or will have gained an eternal and neverending sorrowful  and painful life (Hell). Perhaps he will go to Heaven, okay, however he will have to purify his deeds before entering Heaven (Purgatory). After that purification he will go to Heaven. 

I was going to say something else but I had to open the entrance door and receive a known person and, pooof! , the idea blew and went away. I think it is enough anyway. Have fun. Slàinte! (Cheer up! in Irish). / Photo from: a football player www bubblews com – Enjoy the Super Bowl! 
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