Saturday, January 18, 2014

1589. Reading is essential for students and teachers

Many students and teachers and parents like to read. 

When reading fiction you accompany the author to another world or to his idea of the world. 

Some people say – not many – that fiction is not worth to invest time at, because it’s made up stuff. However I would tell them that the author is showing his ideas of the world, people, the characters of a novel, he molds the world as he thinks… 

Reading books and e-books – if they are good enough – can be enriching for our students. Beauty is a good educator and makes us transcend and go beyond ourselves. 

Our mind is working then. Intelligence makes us different from animals; reason and mind and spirit make us different too; all of them are interwoven: in few words we have a material part plus a spiritual one, perfectly interwoven. / Photo from: teachers plant seeds www liberalparty org
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