Monday, January 20, 2014

1596. My students and me

This blog is about teaching and learning English, yet let’s consider the teacher and the student in themselves, as people, as persons. 

Even, and more importantly, the family: the parents and the siblings. 

It may occur that we can only count on one of the parents, because of whatever reason. It also may occur that the student doesn’t have any siblings. Or it may occur that there are both parents and several brothers or sisters.

In any case let’s focus on the persons, on the student. I have written a lot of things. He or she has their biography, personality, circumstances, particulars, experiences, relationships with other classmates and other people. 

The teacher, for example when planning a class, ought to consider that he or she has human beings in their hands. 

Whatever he or she does influences on that student’s life and biography. 

So as to finish, let’s add that that student has been created as a child of God – this is something to think about as well. / Photo from: profesora y alumna www libremercado com
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