Wednesday, February 5, 2014

1616. Positive colleagues - they're great!

There are people – teachers in our case – who every day is the same as the day before. 

They attend the school with routine, and their work is always monotonous. 

They expect the weekend will be different and they work every day by thinking of the weekend. 

Nevertheless there are other colleagues for whom every day is different: each day has its own story. They smile at you. They love their work, and each day has its own features. 

Each moment of the day is a grand opportunity to do things for the others, teachers and students. They love the others and they love God. 

Now I remember that one day one of these latter people heard a colleague of hers say she has a pile of tests to grade, to mark. Well, the first person offered herself to help the other female teacher with the grading of the exams. In the end she didn’t help in the grading but she had set a nice example. / Photo from: teacher helping students dcnt org
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