Tuesday, February 11, 2014

1625. Educating for feelings and sentiments

Who knows he’s loved and he knows how to love others is happy. 

Our students’ parents are the first people that have to educate their sons and daughters regarding sensitivity, feelings, sentiments. The father should educate his sons, and the mother her daughters, preferably. 

The school assists in that task, in a subsidiary way – this is, as a help. We teachers contribute to that task, which is so important in our lives. We teachers educate the will and the sentiments, if the parents wish to. 

Traditionally the school taught and educated the will, but today, first the parents, also the school can educate feelings and sentiments, in accordance to the parents, tentatively. 

I taught at a school in Jaén (south of Spain) that gave talks to both parents and other talks to the boys. The programs were well outfitted and designed by experts in education of young people. 

Here, on this post, I only can give some clue. 

A boy may fall in love with a girl. The boy should know to be careful if treating the girl. She’s not a mere beautiful face or body. That girl deserves to be recognized as a whole person: her personality, her biography, her circumstances, her whole being as a person. She deserves to be treated as such, as a person, who might become in the future the mom of their children. / Photo from: students studying library cathysandeen wordpress com
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