Thursday, February 20, 2014

1640. They like their classroom

The classroom. 

Kids and the teacher spend many hours a day there in. 

The classroom should be a pleasant place – even cozy? 

My main experience with youngsters has taken place in a male school. I do know that in the female school of the same company the atmosphere is even cozy. 

Anyway, a classroom is the place where kids grow up and learn and make a labor that will linger the rest of their lives – they’re encountering themselves. 

It should be neat, no balls of paper on the floor, desks periodically tidied up in rows. 

Maybe the kids can hang their project works on the bulletin board. 

The smart board ought to be clean, and if the board is a chalk one, this one should be clean. There may be a kid in charge of erasing at the end of the class, and shake off and tap the chalk eraser or duster carefully out of a window often. 

Fans and central heating help great. 

Air the classroom at least at the end of the classes, or even after a class, depending on the weather. / Photo from: can-service-oriented-architecture-approaches-save-our-educational-system www zdnet com
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