Tuesday, February 11, 2014

1626. Female teachers of modern languages

Femininity. I guess that there are more female teachers than male ones, above all in primary education. I can figure out that also from the people that publish in TeacherLingo web site. 

In English and in Spain it is so, definitely: there are more female teachers in the first years of education. 

In my class (1992) there could be three senior girls for each senior male student. 

Those female teachers can provide a thorough education of children and older kids. They observe little and minor details, which is preferable in primary education. They can focus on specific actions for education sake. Also for teaching English sake. 

I can remember that my English-language teachers were girls and ladies till college. I can also remember that they were demanding on little things, which is sound for learning and acquiring English. / Photo from: teacher and students therookieteacher ca
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