Saturday, February 8, 2014

1621. Learn in order to assist and help society

I have written that learning and acquiring English is something useful for the students. All right, but also remember that at the same time the student and the teacher have got to gain values and virtues. 

One of those values and virtues was solidarity, charity, love of benevolence, helping out. 

Thus the students and the teacher ought to assist and love other people. 

As well in the students’ case they’re preparing themselves for a future service to society by using English, all over the world. 

And among those assisted people are the poor. 

Today many young volunteers enroll in adventures in other countries to help out, build a church, teach to read and write, teach Christian doctrine. That’s sound, and as a summary I would say those students (and the teacher) should assist the poor, but alike the rich and the middle class, every day. / Photo from: MilkMan commons wikimedia org
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