Friday, May 9, 2014

1742. How about Watching a Movie?

Watching a movie is a great activity, and it fits a mixed-ability class. 

You play the movie after having done a brainstorm about the movie: topic, title, etc. 

So you play the movie and stop or pause from time to time. Then you ask some questions, from the difficult What is going to happen then?, to the simple How many people are there on the scene? 

Obviously they like films, and as I said this is an activity they enjoy a lot. 

Besides it breaks the monotonous and boring routine of classes. 

Choose a movie that would be appropriate to the kids and their age. Some experience I have: skip sex scenes, or even better, do not play movies with explicit sex scenes. 

It’s an activity in which you have them speak, speak and speak – speaking sometimes is the most valuable language skill to teach. / Photo from: Taj Traveller Itinerary Main 2 Group Tour India. www onthegotours com
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