1778. Summer Camps of English: Kids Enjoy a Lot

Near are final exams. 

After that we could play with the English language if we have some spare time, though exams tend to be at the end of the academic year. 

Some students will attend summer camps of English. 

A friend of mine’s school has students of both genders. I have other friends whose schools are single-sex education. We teachers and parents have arranged the solution to camps for kids of both genders and their promiscuity. 

A camp for boys will take place near Marbella, and a camp for girls also near Marbella but far from the boys. We have been working this way for many years, and the result is positive. 

Boys tell me they enjoy the camps of English. 

Beside English they have other leisure activities, mainly sports: soccer, volleyball, mini-basketball. On top of that they also visit and assist a special hospital with disabled people; we think this is educative for boys and really they do it well. / Photo from: forest sunrise. nature deskopnexus com


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