1746. Can Adults Acquire the Target Language?

According to scholar and expert H. D. Brown also adults can acquire a language, not only “learn” it. 

In order to attain that, the students need massive listening from you or from a CD or DVD player. 

Before they start to speak they have been trained with that massive listening. I would advise you all the class should be in the target language, English in our case. 

In the end they speak. They do it with many errors and mistakes but communication has been set. You teacher can correct SOME of those errors and mistakes, not everything. 

If you’ve got to give them some announcement, I’d tell you to say it in English. Then, if you notice they did not grasp the message, you can use L1, but remember: the more English used the better. Try the class would be in English about 90% or 95% of the time allotted to that class. / Photo from: student thinking edtosavetheworld com


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