Friday, May 9, 2014

1743. Relaxing Activities for Our Students' Resting?

Youngsters’ relaxing and leisure activities cannot be passive, evasive, escaping… They should think of their vacations as some time to plunge into active and creative activities. 

Now think of our students and their weekends. They live with the weekend as the maximum point in their lives. And this thought is wrong and self-destructive or alienating. 

I’ve met some students who did sport, invented active ways of relaxing, like planning an excursion, organizing and running lotteries for their vacation neighbors, planning and rehearsing funny drama plays, swimming competitions, etc. 

This latter view of relaxing time and resting demands a positive attitude, which is pretty educative and instructive. Those activities were organized by friend gangs at vacation venues. / Photo from: 13-fantastic-gifts-for-the-world-traveler. www businessinsider com
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