Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2195. Do you teach how to learn?

Learning process should be autonomous. Let me tell you. 

We may have a class where the teacher draws the map of the playground and subsequently one of the classroom. The students just confine their work to copying. 

On the other hand we may have a teacher that tells the students to consider and think about the best way of making the map, why so, to think and analyze all possible varieties of making the map. 

Afterward he has the students think about the How to make the map, and subsequently choose the way they’re going to utilize. 

He shows them different maps – of a house, cafeteria, classroom, in order for them to think of the best way to present the features, the scales... As well he tells them to think of the goal of the map. 

In this second way the teacher makes his students consider the procedure of how working out the map. He makes them think, analyze, ponder about the best way, etc., while as in the first case the students just copy a model. 

This means and signifies and implies to learn how to learn, and with this way the students become autonomous learners. Thinking on their own and by themselves, that’s the point. We should teach how to learn. 

All this does not imply to have presentations in the class by the teacher, while the students listen and think in an active way. 

Most of the ideas on this post are due to the work and material of Spanish scholar José Bernardo Carrasco, an ace at teaching and learning. / Photo from: www pierce ctc edu
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