Saturday, March 14, 2015

2205. Like a private teacher

Dictionaries are like a private teacher. You can ask them, you can look up how to say a Spanish word in English, or the other way round in bilingual dictionaries. 

The teacher ought to teach or help to learn how to use a dictionary, both in the case of young students and adult learners. 

I know some people that wanted to learn a language by using dictionaries. Well, dictionaries are a help and aid, but it’s not enough. However these people’s attitude to catch a dictionary to learn a language meant the importance of dictionaries. 

Even a student of mine inferred and told me that if you learn the dictionary, you can achieve to learn a language. I clarified my student and let him know dictionaries are a help, and learning-acquiring a language demanded other attitudes. 

In order to foster the use of dictionary among kids you can run an activity that is a game really: you write a word on the chalkboard and the first student in finding it in the dictionary is the winner. Even sometimes I myself was one of the players: young students like this sort of competition against their teacher. / Photo from: woman reading a book
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