Friday, March 20, 2015

2214. How many languages do you speak?

At school our students learn several different subjects: Math, History, Biology, Spanish, Literature… but the person is individual. 

Something sound we teachers can do, from time to time, is implementing, within one of those school subjects, work projects of an interdisciplinary nature. Like for example a paper about the exploration and civilization of America by Spain since the 16th century. 

I have touched a controversial work, maybe. 

There was abuse, but as well there was a pinpointing exertion of civilization. Was it better to respect human holocausts to satisfy gods’ thirst for blood? 

Unless some (fewer and fewer) historians seem satisfied with the so-called Black Legend, they ought to think in the common language (Spanish), respecting vernacular languages, and the common religion: they get acquainted with Jesus Christ and they get to love him. 

When encountering Jesus, their lives get a profound and deep significance and meaning: Jesus explains who the person is to that person. 

The balance is positive. 

Here on a street in Spain I can every day hear varied-origin people talking in Spanish; more than 450 million people approximately speak in that language in the world. / Photo from: Hablando-por-telefono
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