Wednesday, March 4, 2015

2197. Nice things, nice reality

While we teacher and students today were chatting before today’s class – sometimes in Spanish, some other times in English, in a naturalistic way – I told them, my adult students, that they had advanced pretty a lot. 

I hadn’t thought about this in advance, I mean, about telling about their progress in listening and speaking. 

I gently praised their progress. 

Ok, today they’ve struggled even more to participate, listen attentively, intervene, explain something to some classmate… Today even we had a leak on the ceiling, if I can call that phenomenon a leak: quite a nice quantity of water was just falling from pipes over the false ceiling. 

A girl student told me about the water falling. We needed a bucket! I then grabbed the trash can as a bucket, and told that girl in English to go to fetch someone from the secretary office. 

Soon two plumbers came up and worked on that, while I was trying to carry on the class, which has turned out nice. / Photo from: barneveld-prairie www nature org
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