Sunday, March 15, 2015

2206. What are you doing today Sunday?

As important as work is relaxing and resting, for us teachers. Today is Sunday. 

Many people dedicate this day, amid other things to the Lord Jesus Christ. You can find many a thing if reading for example the New Testament of the Bible, for instance in the four gospels. 

It’s also a day to spend a lot of time to the family. Our children need not only Mom but as well Dad. 

He can devote much time to his wife and children on this day. 

One special time can be for us Christians to attend the Holy Mass with our family. A family that prays together will stay close together. 

I would say Dad can help out at home, but I recognize that women have a special gift for the house care. Dad can grab the tool kit and fix something at home too. / Photo from: general-motors-suggests-washing-car-as-mothers-day-gift www autoevolution com
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