Friday, March 27, 2015

2229. Why do our teens consume drugs? An explanation

According to Spanish Dirección General de la Juventud, our teens take drugs, first just so as to try, and try new experiences; 

as well we have loneliness, being shy and timid, communication lack, social problems, and the attraction of the forbidden and prohibited; 

alike because of communication and problems within family; 

also from lack of family values, lack of human and religious values, and lack of lives to imitate as models; 

all that leads our young to drugs, so as to fill their interior emptiness. 

So let's implement the solutions and let's try to solve those problems by talking with the kids, and with experts, who there should be in each school. / Photo from: teenagers using tablet in school hall www videezy com. In no way do I mean those girls take drugs, of course
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