3315. Only for Committed Teachers

We teachers give ourselves to our students, at our everyday working. And we have to love them with love of benevolence. That love is the one that allows and even pushes us to love what is good for them. And that may happen although the first years of our career may be tough.
Even along the whole career we may find hardship at our teaching. Teachers usually love all what is peculiar of youth and children. And in the case of adult students I can say the very same truth: we love our students up to the point to give ourselves to them at each and every lesson with them.
And that generous giving us to them also brings joy and a juvenile strength and attitude. I can assure you about this point, from the years of my experience as a teacher, thank God.
Students, as any other people, are creatures we have to respect. Even though especially the first years of our career may be rather tough.
I can also see all this in your attitude for reading my posts: you’re kind of committed teachers. Thank you very much! / Photo from: the village of Coing in County Mayo Ireland. I love Ireland and you may know it…


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