3326. What Are Good Teachers Like?

For today I wanted to tell you all about three characteristics a good teacher must have. He has to be cordial, encouraging and with authority.
He has to be capable, through practice and over time, to be nice with his students, not lenient with their behavior problems though.
He may set a small number of rules for the classes, and he will be demanding concerning them but in a cordial way, with nice words, as if he would like for his students to gain those good rules he has set.
Those features or rules are ones that will facilitate his learners would learn a lot and surrounded by a nice atmosphere. It is a blend or mixture of good rapport between the teacher and the students, and authority on the other hand.
The teacher’s main purpose is for his students would learn a lot, as I said, inside a nice and kind atmosphere.
His students have to see he’s concerned about their learning. Cordial, encouraging and with authority. In an elegant way. / Photo from: ireland-landscape-1 Eskipaper com. I posted a beautiful picture as an illustration.


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