3319. Do We Believe in Our Students?

Do we believe in our students? Do we hope they can reach far, pretty far?
I mean that we must believe that they can learn a lot of things. And reach nice judicious competences. We teachers have to treat them better than they are or better than we think they are.
Unless we treat them better than they are, they won’t be better. When planning a lesson, let’s think of a main goal for our students.
The only way to treat them well is to love them, and to treat them with love and affection. I’m referring to love of benevolence: to wish what’s good for them.
For example we may have a class of students whose level at English as a foreign language or as a second one is rather low or basic. If we believe we should implement a communicative approach to learning that language, we should apply it! Even if they can now understand little of English. Or at least let’s try to apply and implement an approach that is close to that communicating in English in the classroom. And this entails using English as the communication vehicle.
We may use the mother tongue, but less and less, in favor of English! Let’s believe in our dear students! / Photo from: mlive High School Sports. Let’s believe our students can reach quite far.


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