3325. Congratulations, Teachers!

We teachers can easily see that we have to give ourselves to our students.
We have to give the best from us at the classroom. We can think in that way if we try to be committed teachers. Maybe you’re already doing that way.
And when we conduct in that way we ultimately become happy. Why? Because we’re generous. We’ll be comfortable if we decide not to be unambitious. Because we seek what is good for our students. And that’s love of benevolence: seeking what’s good for our students, as I said.
Then we’re happy. Also then we can feel comfortable, as a result of our generosity.
A specific and practical point? We should listen to whatever our students want to say, tentatively. We have to be attentive to their needs. I don’t mean we have to interrupt the thread of the lesson at any time our students want to say something. But we have to be prompt to assist at their needs.
Let’s remember so: we have to give the best from us to our students. I know most of you do this way: because you try to improve your teaching and visit and read other teachers’ posts, like you’re doing right now. / Photo from: Mashable. I posted a beautiful illustration.


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