3324. Do We Motivate Our Students?

One of the first premises or conditions of a competent teacher is… he should try to do the best of best in the classroom.
Or his best, if said plainly. He has to be a committed teacher. Otherwise he will not pass on the like for some work which is carried out in a competent way. In a really competent way.
We can recall the teachers that did their best and tried to inoculate the like for work well done. Plus the like for their school subject. You may think of your favorite school subject: maybe history, math, biology, literature, art, sport, philosophy, religion, physics…?
The first deontology and ethics about one’s job is doing it well, plus his knowledge area and competences should be in accordance to human dignity.
Coming to the head and concretizing: keep on planning your lessons in a nice and competent way. Plus keep on working hard, although your students could be too playful or disruptive, or you may think you’re plowing on the sea or on the desert, as we say in Spanish.
Try and get better yourself at every single lesson and on every single day, and sooner or later you’ll see the fruits of your inner struggle. Your effort will not get unpaid nor fruitless. / Photo from: La Vanguardia The arrival of that iceberg somehow chokes a small village in Canada. The picture is just a curious one.


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