3320. Literature as a Language Learning Booster!

I’ve already said that reading a novel may be good for learning and acquiring a second language, English for instance. Okay then. You also may know that visiting the country where that language is spoken is very suitable for learning and acquiring that language.
When you are at that particular atmosphere, in that country, you may feel like motivated to learn that tongue, and our students too. Well then, when reading novels, or nonfiction as well, in some way it’s like travelling to that nice country.
Also remember that in the classroom we teachers should make up a special atmosphere where that language, English for example, is the communication vehicle. That classroom then is like that country. And we teachers then are the output of English, the source of English.
Oh, and remember to assign respectful readings adequate to kids! / Photo from: the new face of old Ireland. That country is an example of some place where you can travel to so as to learn and acquire English. I love Ireland.


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