3323. Our Job as Teachers Is Simply Great

I was thinking, you know, we teach and learn languages for communication among people, and that’s so great so great, but not only for communication.
A language supports also culture, literature, metaphors in that tongue…
Something else: Think how it would be if we knew English and Spanish! I mean, they’re two of the languages most widely used on the Internet, together with Chinese.
I could tell you about my struggle at learning and acquiring English!
Something else for today: the teacher, if he wants his lessons be great and reach his students’ knowledge and competences, well, he has to struggle. Otherwise a "chubby" teacher will not succeed.
When I say chubby I mean he is totally unambitious and comfortable, too comfortable. I said chubby in a metaphoric and figurative way, not physical of course. My vocab is limited. / Photo from: Dehesa-de-Extremadura-fondo Casa Rural Acebuche. I was born at those lands, west of Spain, and the picture shows those green lands after some rainy days, so wonderful an image.


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