3321. Happiness, Just Happiness

Happiness. It’s something we all seek, right?
Okay, I would say it’s something we receive as a gift, rather than something we can seek by all means, whatever good or evil... It is something we encounter, we find, we come across with.
If we look for it in a selfish way, we will not find it. If we seek it by living through an enriched life, a life which is full of human plenitude and dignity, we will find it for sure.
And as well we should bear in mind that happiness is something we find together with Him, with God; otherwise we will not find it, for man and woman are persons that need the transcendent, what is transcendent.
As well we should take into account that we are children of God, and that may make us feel happy too. I think all this is so from what I’ve read in literature, philosophy, anthropology, theology, and seen in some people’s lives. Plus some experiences I’ve lived through.
Well, you know, most of you could also add nice brush-strokes to what I’m writing about happiness and felicity. It’s at hand, in some way. And teachers may know a lot on it... / Photo from: randall_teaching_english_abroad transitionsabroad com. Happiness can be reached at everyday life!


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