Thursday, February 2, 2012

789. Kids learn also by playing

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “Realia (real objects) for learning English? Pretty useful, I’d tell you. Try and use them sometimes.

Now I remember two cases of my own. Last year, one day of February, one of my young students - 9 years – had to learn the word ‘swing’, ok? I was trying to explain to him the idea of something swinging. Soon, it happened I remembered the golf swing! Ok, I taught him how to swing, with an imaginary club. As well I brought something relaxing in the class. Kids that age simply need to move around and do actions. These latter ones make them learn words and phrases.

We repeated the swing. I’ve got to say he learned swinging pretty well, in my opinion; he’s so smart a kid. He enjoyed the class and ‘swinging’ got stuck in mind. Amusing.

Something else in short. One of those days I was teaching a class with adults, some sixty-something years. There happened to be a chess board and its pieces in the library where we used to have the classes.

The initial idea was to explain what a ‘board’ is. To have that chess board there helped a lot. Moreover they learned the names of the pieces, while I was asking them the position of each piece by means of prepositions. I confess I also learned the names of two pieces, ‘bishop’ and ‘pawn’. ‘twas amusing too.” / Photo from: munosconggolf com. simple golf swing

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