Sunday, February 26, 2012

800. Getting to learn kids' interests

Each academic year, in May, when I was teaching in a former school, we teachers planned an excursion with our kids to a one-hour-travel shrine of Our Lady, to say the rosary and to spend a nice day in the countryside. I remembered those excursions with joy.

In the south of Spain, in May, it’s spring though I would affirm it’s like a first summer – it’s hot. The kids were studying the so then 8º EGB (equivalent to K-12 if I’m not wrong; 13 and 14 years old anyway). My remembrances are positive in general.

You spent a day in a different context from school, and you all had fun. The boys got to know you out of the classroom, which is a good thing. One year one of the kids caught a few crayfish in a nearby brook. We relaxed and took something to eat, which the ladies of the dining-hall had prepared for us teachers, like they were our moms. We ate something in the shade. The kids spread over there.

It’s interesting to observe that at that age the kids were – roughly speaking – either like children or like young adolescents, either playful or likely to sit over there to talk about their things. Nice times. On the other hand, I guess I should say it, we were cautious they wouldn’t bring liquors in their backpacks: their parents, and us, wished to prevent the kids from drinking and instead help the kids learn their lives in accordance to their age. / Photo from: jimmypadrigan blogspot com. skateboard1

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