Saturday, February 4, 2012

790. A naturalistic way of learning English?

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “In these years of my career as a teacher of English I’ve been creating a scheme that has happened to crystallize.

This general scheme is: I try to teach and lead the learners’ process in the following sequence: first, learners respond with words; then, they say sentences – and phrases; after that, we hold conversations.

This scheme is kind of inherent in any conducting of my classes, it’s implicit in my daily conducting, not something to follow to the letter.

This big scheme is the materialization of my teaching goal; it’s a sequence of steps in communication: words, sentences, conversations. However, this big scheme is something I don’t necessarily follow. Fortunately life is varied, and each student and each group of students are unique. So it’s as a scheme to take into account, just that. As you can see, the goal is communication, by means of words, then sentences, then conversations. In other terms, the use of words, sentences, conversations, serves the purpose of conveying and receiving meaningful messages between two people, among several people.” / Photo from: languagelinkus org. humanairplane – mom with her baby playing - and the baby acquiring language. The scheme presented above is not the same as the way infants learn to speak, yet something similar.

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