Monday, February 20, 2012

797. If you wish, you'll get it

A girl of 15 wrote one day on the diary she was keeping the following ideas. She used to write it in English, so as to practice.

My teacher of History – I would say – insists too much on the things I do wrong in my study of History. It’s fair and just to say he also tells me the things I do well. The thing I want to pinpoint here is that I must think I CAN study and learn History; as well and as a result I CAN pass the subject. If a student doesn’t think he or she can actually improve and pass a subject, he or she more likely will not pass the subject – and learn the contents of the subject too. Summing up: I have to think I can pass History because I’m going to study harder... and with a real interest in getting to know how people lived in previous centuries, which is interesting.

/ Photo from: travelinos com. alnwick castle outside

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