Thursday, February 16, 2012

795. Working as a team may hit the target

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “Last academic year I taught a small group of four students. They did need to study useful basic grammar to be able to communicate in English, plus lexis, read stories, drills, practicing naturalistically, etc. And they did need to learn how to study also from their textbooks.

Eventually it was like I had to teach four private classes, all at the same scheduled time! One day I was helping the oldest student with his irregular verbs – they’re so necessary to learn because we use them a lot in our everyday conversations. I also was heping another kid with his corrected and graded last test.

Oh my! What to do? It was driving me crazy. One idea, however, came up: I asked the student of the test to explain to a younger student what errors and mistakes he had done in the test. In this way the student of the test became so aware and enthused with explaining to the other student about his errors and where they were. He got pretty focused on the test, much more than if I would have merely explained his mistakes and errors.

As a result this student played ‘the teacher’ so good – he then was responsible for teaching well to his younger classmate; he oughtn’t to fail in his role!” / Photo from: dinghy1 lagoon co uk. a sailboat race.

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