Wednesday, February 22, 2012

798. Motivation as a booster for learning

The girl of post # 797 used to keep a diary about her learning at school. One day her teacher of History wrote some notes about her on the tracking academic form.

She has a few but significant flaws at retaining important info about the period we’re working on. If only did she learn a method to study... Tomorrow in class I could speak about techniques to face the unit and the texts. I’ll also ask for suggestions from students – they like to tell how they study and how they can help one another. A few of them fail just because they don’t know how to study properly. Something else for me to remember, which called my attention: another girl once suggested that she thinks she could pass the subject and learn about our past by counting on two things: effort plus God’s help.

/ Photo from: mentalfloss com. dance class

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