Friday, February 24, 2012

799. When my students are committed

One day a student of a teacher of English, while at home, sitting in his room and gazing at the park through his window, where at that time some kids were playing and some mom was pushing their baby buggy, then he made his mind as follows.

My job now is studying, ok. I’m going to simply need English in a few years, say, two or three. Now I’m 17. I’ll need to be fluent at speaking in English. I think the word that fits here is commitment. I’m the protagonist and engine of my actual learning English. I have this compromise with myself, my family, my school, my country, ultimately the whole world. I’m part of the future. I cannot defraud and disappoint society, also because of the money my country and my family have invested in my education. I’ve got to pull off the best from myself.

All right, let’s start by making a practical plan of homework for today.

As well, tomorrow in the class of English I will try to contribute more by speaking and by listening to my teacher and classmates. / Photo from: blogs telegraph co uk boys choir singing by david rose

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