Wednesday, February 8, 2012

791. Thinking of his family

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “I’ve learned from what you told me last week. That you think of your students also out of the school sometimes, like when returning home from the school. You think of what this student or that one needs, their advancing, the reason of that behavior that day...

Nonetheless you try hard to live your life; well, teaching English is a big part of your life.

You also think of what you can do to build up your love to your wife day after day, how to be nice at home, and not only with your students and colleagues, how to help your eldest daughter, who’s going to get married soon, how to meet ends this month.

I’d tell you you take into account, you bear in mind both groups of people, school and family, because of the love you have to them. I can say this because I know enough about you. Like I said, sometimes I learn from you, and not only nice things we can implement in the classes. Great.” / Photo from: gardening shecknows com. girl watering flowers

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