Sunday, February 12, 2012

792. English as a bridge of communication

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “In my opinion, definitely it’s a great and essential idea today here in Spain and in other countries (I guess), more and more, subjects different from English should be taught and learned in English.

For example it’s becoming more and more frequent today that in Spain students attend classes of History, and Science, with textbooks in English, or by means of portfolios or dossiers made from here and there – complementary topics to one another.

This may mean like a change of mind: English is not only a practical subject to actually learn English, but a vehicular language for other subjects. I’ve met teachers of secondary education in Spain that were studying the level of C-2 in order to facilitate themselves with the instrument, the terms and grammar to teach those subjects. C-2 level? It is the highest level of English within the Common European Framework.

Believe me, it’s worth to invest the effort, both by us teachers and by our students to enroll in this battle!” / Photo from: brotherpeacemaker wordpress com. bridge building

I received a recent comment. I’ll say something about it the next post.

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