3271. Achieving Highly Motivated Students

I had the following quotation from somewhere among my notes. It is adequate and innate for man to seek and wish what is good for other people, for the other person. Man is happy if he has got friends, to whom he can seek happiness.
The teacher, what does he do? What does he do ultimately? He seeks happiness for his students.
Okay, he teaches, but ultimately, seeking happiness to his students. Because of that he treats them nice. And also he teaches his students for them to be thorough and upright citizens, is that right?
Today is Monday. The teacher today went to the school to teach nice, and make his students learn how to learn.
Something practical? He treats his students in an exquisite way. Lately I’ve been reading about thorough teachers who achieved their students would learn. And it is a mixture of motivation, nice feelings, and effort. He breathes that life into their learning process. He does achieve his students learn nice, because these latter people do wish to learn. It’s those students the ones who really learn: they learn because they just wish to learn. And they wish because their teacher wishes to teach nice. / Photo from: chateau-de-la-cote Bourdeilles France TripAdvisor


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