3276. Are You a Wise Teacher...?

The wise teacher is the one that knows how to get the most from his students.
He directs their work but also delivers some freedom regarding the point that each student would do whatever he needs more.
The wise teacher is the one who knows how to make his students realize that what he teaches is important to them. In adults’ case these ones know how to force themselves so as to work fine in order to achieve the goal they’re following.
When the students are kids, the wise teacher knows how to delicately make his students learn that the classes’ stuff is important to them too.
The wise teacher manages the classroom nice, mostly. He’s an experienced teacher, and, as I said, he knows how to get the most from those youngsters. That’s precisely educating, getting the best from the learners.
And also to direct his students’ learning processes, respecting the students’ freedom, ultimately. He will achieve his students will work nice, anyway. He knows how to do that. And now I can say you’re kind for reading this post. Greetings! Sláinte! (Irish word for “Cheers!”) / Photo from: BBC


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