3282. Something Relaxing for Our Professional Work

We can count on the transcendent One, who is God our father.
He has a limitless love of all dads and moms, even more than that. The clever thing is trusting and counting on him. That makes life much easier and we are not inclined to a fate. We are taken care of with limitless love and tenderness.
We have empirical knowledge but also we have philosophical and metaphysic knowledge. And that knowledge tells us we can count on God. He is our father God. And this makes us be more tranquil and easier: we are not advocated to a blind and sightless fate.
We Christians have the knowledge of God’s providence upon us. And thus and therefore we can live more tranquil and peaceful.
And that on the street, at our job, at home, always, always. / Photo from: face2faceafricacom. The illustration is just so, a nice illustration. We can have a hint from God in creation.
And we men and women collaborate with God at his creation: we somehow complete creation, we cooperate with him, and that at our daily post of life. He wants us to collaborate with him, for example at and with our everyday professional work.


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