3275. A Good Teacher Must Be Flexible

Yesterday I started English classes with two new groups. They were together because they didn’t know what their level of English is. They’re adults.
And yesterday I had as the main goal to make up two groups, according to two basic levels: basic and “advanced”. I taught them one class, with all the students together in the same classroom, as I said.
And from next Tuesday I’ll teach two groups. I was taking some lesson planning for yesterday’s lesson to the classroom, but soon I realized I had to improvise and adapt that lesson to what I had in front of me.
What I try to point out here is that lesson planning is okay, but sometimes, even often, you’ve got to adapt to the class you have in front of you. In the end every student got happy by learning what his or her group is, except for one female student, a lady, that had to leave earlier and I told her she would fit in the advanced level, but better she should go to the basic. Next Tuesday I’ll let her know she should go to the other class group.
So planning is okay but sometimes, even often you’ve got to change your mind. A teacher must have flexibility, which is something you gain over years, over time. / Photo from: Chrysler-Portal-640x367 Extreme Tech. The picture is an illustration, a cool one I think.


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