3274. Do We Know How to Work as a Team?

We teachers have to learn to work as a team. It is necessary, just necessary.
Collegiality is an art that we have to learn. It means we must work also as a team, taking the other teachers into account. Beginning with our colleagues that work at the same department, for example foreign languages, which is my case.
Collegiality is an art that must be learned. You do not improvise working as a team: it is something you learn over time and together with your colleagues.
It comprises learning to listen to the others, maybe changing our mind about some viewpoint if necessary, sharing opinions and viewpoints, counting on the best each teacher can pose and propose.
It’s wonderful to be able to count on other teachers. When I started to work as a teacher (1993) my department head and some other few teachers monitored my learning to teach. It’s marvelous to have other teachers you can lean against. / Photo from: BBC. London Bridge. To build something great it is not enough for an only worker: many workers together can push up the construction of a building.


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