3278. When the Students Are So Great

I have recently started English classes with more adults. They’re great. And very motivated. I enjoy to teach them, they’re demanding though.
They need English for traveling and because some of them have sons or daughters in some English-speaking country, mainly in the UK, Ireland or the States.
They’re great, and very demanding, as I said.
Now they’re making out what exactly their level and communicative competence in that language is, to attend the corresponding lessons and levels.
I can also learn from them: they tend to work nice and take learning and acquiring English pretty seriously, and most of them don’t want to miss any lesson. And quite perseverant. Even sometimes I learn vocabulary from them... They use nice learning strategies.
When teaching the lowest level class I have to adapt my teaching at that level – some of them know little. At the same time I also have to raise the level when teaching high-achievers: by no means can I have them get bored, because they could be learning nothing new or not developing their communicative competence in a nice way.
They learn because they need the language. / Photo from: c-muelle-de-los-granos-y-de-las-hierbas-graslei-korenlei-gante-belgica-buendia-tours. Well, you know, I posted a beautiful picture, but there people speak French and/or Dutch.


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